A clean, modern, family-owned reptile shop in Redding, CA. Serving all your reptile, amphibian & invert needs.


We have the largest reptile selection around plus all of the supplies you need to keep your reptile healthy and happy. Enjoy our varied selection of quality feeders from live rodents, crickets, superworms, dubia roaches and more.



We offer free animal-care consultation to all customers and store visitors. In addition, we offer boarding, nail clipping, rehoming assistance and terrarium setup.

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Animals & Feeders

As a small speciality reptile store, you'll find we always have a selection of beginner-friendly reptiles to choose from, plus a several more exotic choices as well. Custom orders welcome!

Products & Supplies

Shop our quality selection of products from ZooMed, Zilla, Galapagos, NatureZone and more. We only sell products that we stand behind and would use for our own animals.


Our Story

This family-owned business wants to help spread the love and care of reptiles.


Clean and well stocked. The animals are well cared for and they have a good selection amd helpful staff. It's great to have a store in Redding for reptile enthusiasts! I'm loving the vision with their remodel and growth!

— A very happy customer


5-Star Customer Service

We pride ourselves on friendly, helpful, customer service. See what our customers have to say!