Clean and well stocked. The animals are well cared for and they have a good selection amd helpful staff. It’s great to have a store in Redding for reptile enthusiasts! I’m loving the vision with their remodel and growth! This is a great store!
— Rachel M.

Happy Clients


I absolutely love this store. She never tries to upsell you and gives excellent advice. I drive for over an hour to come here because I appreciate her help and dedication to the wellbeing of your reptiles. I've never seen a store so caring.

— Heather M.

This place is amazing! My husband and I went to Redding Reptiles a couple weeks ago to buy our first ever bearded dragon, and Sandra was so helpful. She made sure we left with everything we need to keep a happy little beardie, and answered every question we could think of. We've been back a few times since, to get him more crickets, and it's always a good experience. Everyone at the store is just so friendly. We instantly became permanent customers, never going anywhere else for anything reptile related.

— mackenzie w.

Tortoise Acres loves Redding Reptiles! They send us adopters. Since we don't sell tortoise supplies, we send them to Redding Reptiles for all their turtle & tortoise needs. Great store and very clean and knowledgeable kind folks.

— katie r.

These people don't exploit animals for the money - they care about them. Even though all I buy is crickets, they are always happy to see me and very helpful and professional. Great business.



Love Redding Reptiles! We make a weekly trip there to buy crickets for our bearded dragon, as well as other reptile supplies. They are ALWAYS friendly, helpful and take time to explain anything we need or want to know. Just bought my son's Christmas present from here, a beautiful pastel python with all of the equipment. Thank you Redding Reptiles!!


Patient, informational and friendly. We appreciated our experience today as we adopted a gorgeous Russian Tortoise. It was a wonderful experience and I don't think you can find a better place to find the best fit for your family.

Thank you so much for the great care!


Very clean well organized pet shop. Kind of like a little reptile zoo. The service is great. I go often to just look at the reptiles.


I came into the store inquiring about a pet I was wanting to get for young boys. They love reptiles! I was steered into looking at the bearded dragons and was very pleased with the options. I found an juvenile orange bearded dragon that was clearly well fed. I purchased everything I need for a setup and was very well instructed on what to do. Here's the cool part. I wanted to give this gift for Christmas morning. I reserved the lizard and picked it up after the store closed Christmas Eve. She met me there and prepared the lizard for the big day. It all worked out and everything went perfectly.